For those of you who haven’t submitted your freshman application to UF, there’s still time! The deadline has been extended to Friday, November 4. While you may be known as a procrastinator whose best work is completed under looming short deadlines, don’t despair. Many of us in the admissions office also are motivated by deadlines, and we are here to provide support. These are a few last-minute tips to help you submit a successful application to UF.

Tip #1: Be sure to review our application checklist. The application checklist will outline all that is required to be considered for admission to UF. For instance, while just your application is due on November 4, do not miss the steps to submit your SSAR by December 1 and your test scores from the testing agency by December 15.

Tip # 2: Make sure you tell us how you’ve been staying busy outside of the classroom. Whether you’re the captain of your team, president of your club, shift leader at your job, served your community, or watched over your younger siblings, let us know what interests you. The application will provide you with plenty of space to help us learn more about your interests outside of the classroom.

Tip #3: Tell us about what you’ve accomplished in the honors section. Have you been the top student in class? Did you win a science fair? Did your team win a championship? Go ahead and brag about your accomplishments.

Tip #4: If you’ve just started working on your essay, we only require approximately 400-450 words. The best essays show rather than tell. In your writing, show us how you’ve accomplished a goal, overcome a challenge, or whatever makes you special.

Tip #5: Carefully review your application before you hit the submit button. You are not able to make changes to your application once it is submitted. So make sure you’ve accurately completed your application.

Tip #6: Go ahead and submit! You’ve dotted all of your I’s and crossed all your T’s. Be confident in your application submission. Keep calm and carry on until Friday, February 10, when UF releases admission decisions.

Good luck! We look forward to learning more about you in the weeks to come through your application.