Ah, finals week. This is a time for memorizing an obscene amount of information and guzzling Starbucks, in between scolding yourself for procrastinating so much this semester. The notorious stress of finals week can cause any well-rounded student to crack under the pressure. Luckily, our university provides reliable resources and creative ways to support students through these tough times.

All Work and No Play?

The week prior to final exams, known affectionately as “dead week” because of the ghost town of classrooms and zombie-like aura of students, is also a time of many events on campus. The Reitz Union and Division of Student Affairs hosted a De-Stress Study Fest to help students mentally prepare for finals. Throughout this weeklong celebration, students participated in free stress-busting activities that ranged from hip-hop fitness classes to chair massages. Smash Bash (on December 8) offered a variety of competitive inflatable games and giant board games. Arts and crafts, adult coloring books, and bowling were also available on site.

Additionally, Library West offered a Finals Relaxation Week to make sure students didn’t “overdue” it (sorry, bad library pun). Free coffee, doughnuts, and snacks were available in the library to keep students motivated as study time grew more intense.

Gators never underestimate the power of play!

Book It To Our Libraries

Our library staff really knock themselves out to be available to frantic study-goers. With seven library locations, in addition to our extensive online collections, UF has one of the largest university library systems in the nation. The great network of libraries on campus ensures that you won’t get bored of sitting in the same place. There are enclosed study rooms available for hosting group discussions, as well as quiet spaces located on the higher floors.

Our most popular library branches, Marston Science Library and Library West, offer extended hours throughout finals week. Marston Science Library is open 10am-3am from Sunday, December 4 through 6pm Friday, December 16. Library West is open 24 hours daily, from Saturday, December 10 through 6pm Friday, December 16. Fear not, the Starbucks inside the library lobby has matched its hours of operation. Students can still get their Peppermint Mochas at 3 am, ensuring survival through long nights of cramming.

Our best library tip: If you have not visited the beautiful Library East (Smathers), we strongly recommend it. Studying at the wooden booths in the foyer of this ornate library will make you feel like a student at Hogwarts. We all know a little magic is necessary to make it through finals.

Some Extra Help

Free tutoring is available at the UF Teaching Center in the back of Broward Hall. Sessions are held for many of our popular math and science courses. Our students benefit from a small teacher-to-student ratio, but if you need additional help outside the classroom, it can be easily found.

UF has a variety of additional student resources, from test review sessions to academic advising opportunities. Our new Writing Studio offers one-on-one tutorials and writing workshops to improve your end-of-term research paper. The Counseling and Wellness Center has a wealth of academic support, ranging from support groups for those struggling with math anxiety to workshops that focus on improving coping skills. During Yappy Hour, therapy dogs are available to stand in for your beloved Fido when you are away from home and just need a hug from a dog. If you find yourself struggling with anxiety or fatigue, the UF Student Health Care Center is available for assistance.

Here at UF, we encourage our students to think positively. Finals week, though tough, is also temporary. It is a rite of passage in college, so take it one day at a time. And remember that at UF, you have everything you need to unlock your true potential.

Keep calm and study on, Gators.