It is almost decision time.

On February 10th after 6:00pm, applicants who applied by our November 4th priority deadline and submitted all required supplemental material on time will be able to review their admission decisions on the “Check Your Status” page of the UF Admissions website. A “Check Status” button will be at the top of the website’s home page. Log in using your Coalition username and password (or the same username and password used to submit your application).

After years of experiencing the rush that is decision day, our Admission Officers and Director have compiled a few words of advice to our many applicants.

  1. “Check your application status BEFORE February 10th to verify that your username and password still work.” Every single year, applicants call our office after hours because they weren’t able to log in to the “Check Your Status” page to see their admission decision. In order to avoid having to wait until Monday, February 13th or Tuesday, February 14th to receive your admission decision, check your application status BEFORE the afternoon of February 10th to verify that you are able to log in. Since the application was hosted through the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, we do not have access to your username and password. You will need to do a password reset through the login page in order to regain access to check your status.
  2. “Do not make checking your admissions decision a public event.” This year we received thousands of incredible applications and unfortunately, we are unable to admit every well-qualified applicant. Many outstanding and talented students will not be admitted to UF. Friends, teammates, and fellow classmates may not receive the decisions they had hoped for, so we recommend checking your status with a family member or close friend, but not with an entire party.
  3. “Your admissions decision to UF (or any institution) is not an evaluation of your value to society.” Many times, it doesn’t matter what college you attend, but what you do wherever you are. Thrive where you are planted whether it is at UF or another institution. Get to know your professors. Get involved on campus. You don’t become successful just by attending a particular school. You become successful by utilizing the opportunities given to you no matter where you attend.
  4. “Take a deep breath.” We know that some of you have been waiting for your admission decision since all the way back in August. Naturally, we expect many of you to be anxious about your decision. Just take a deep breath. We look forward to welcoming our newest members of #UF21!