The May 1st confirmation date is just a few days away and the Office of Admissions continues to remain busy with walk-ins and phone calls as we prepare for the class of 2021. We continue to receive lots of great questions from students admitted to all UF admission paths, but this week’s blog is devoted to students admitted to Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE). Since PaCE is still a fairly new admission path, there are several misconceptions about the program. Today, we address the top two misconceptions about PaCE and provide a little insight from a current student in the PaCE program.

Misconception #1: Students in PaCE will complete different courses and earn a degree that is different from residential students.

All UF courses, whether online or on-campus, are taught by world-renowned faculty members who are leaders in their fields. While the course delivery is different, PaCE students will still receive the same quality instruction as students who attend classes on-campus. However, PaCE students have the flexibility to learn anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. You could learn poolside, at your favorite Gainesville coffee shop, or in your pajamas in your bedroom.

PaCE students may transition to residential classes after completing at least two semesters in UF Online and a minimum of 15 credit hours through UF Online. Once a PaCE student has completed a total of 60 credit hours, they may seamlessly transition to upper division residential courses.

After a PaCE student transitions and completes all of their major and other requirements, it’s time for graduation! The diploma will still have the same University of Florida seal that all UF diplomas display. There is no distinction on your degree that you began your education through the Pathway to Campus Enrollment.

Misconception #2: Students in PaCE can’t take part in college student life since they don’t live on campus.

PaCE students who are interested in experiencing life as a Gator, whether that entails visiting campus libraries, joining a fraternity or sorority, or taking part in student organizations, may choose to move to Gainesville. To take advantage of various campus resources such as rec sports and access to student health services, PaCE students may purchase the optional fee package. With the optional fee package, PaCE students can also cheer on the Gator athletic teams at the student rate.

But where do you live if you move to Gainesville? With only 20 percent of our student body living on-campus, off-campus life in Gainesville caters to all UF Students. The Office of Off Campus Life can assist with your apartment search, roommate matching and more. With the optional fee package, you can also get around Gainesville for free on the local buses.

But don’t just take our word for it: Jeana Fraser, a first year PaCE student studying Public Relations in the College of Journalism and Communications has loved her experience in PaCE. She is an active member in her sorority, a student ambassador for the Dean of Student’s Office, works part-time for the radio station on UF campus, and is on the board for the PaCE organization on campus. When asked, she explained that PaCE has been a great experience for a busy bee like herself because she is able to manage her courses on her own time rather than work around a set schedule. “I don’t feel any less a Gator, if anything, I feel more Gator than everyone else because I was able to do so much in just my first year since my courses were online.”