Helpful Tips Before Pushing Submit!

The UF Application has now been open for more than one month, and we have received 1355 applications, which is extremely exciting. With 39 days left before the November 1 application deadline, we thought it would be helpful to provide some application tips for those who have yet to hit submit on their UF Coalition Application.

Tip #1: Know Our Deadlines!

The UF Freshmen application is due November 1.

The Student Self-Reported Academic Record is due December 1.

SAT/ACT test scores are due in our office by December 15.

The University of Florida spreads out the deadlines for each component so that applicants may focus on one at a time. If you miss any of our deadlines, your application will be reviewed only on a space-available basis. This means that after reviewing all applications that met our deadlines, we then will review those that did not if there is space available in the freshman class. It is rare that we aren’t able to fill our freshman class, so submit your materials on time.

Tip #2: Do Not Rush!

In the case of the UF Application, the early bird does not always get the worm. In other words, do not rush to submit your application. We do not give preference to students that apply the day the application opened. Everyone who submits by the November 1 deadline will be reviewed equally, regardless of their application submission date. We do not encourage rushing because no changes or updates can be made to your application after it has been submitted.

Tip #3: Do Not Procrastinate!

Although we are not giving preference to students who apply early, that does not mean applicants should wait until November 1 to apply. A complete UF Coalition application is a two-step process, which requires the completion of the Student Profile and the UF specific application. Completing an application takes time, and it can be stressful if you wait until the last minute. One of our admission officers recommends applying between the last week of September to the first two weeks of October to avoid any penalties if there is any sort of submission error.

Tip #4: Your Application is Your Only Letter of Recommendation.

At UF, we DO NOT accept any additional material. We don’t look at the “Locker” portion of your Coalition application. We do not look at any sent letters of recommendation, resumes, portfolios, social media links/channels, articles, etc. Your application is the ONLY CHANCE we get to learn about who you are and what you have done. Since every application is read at least three or four times by different admissions officers, anything you would like us to know about you needs to be included on your application.