What exactly does that mean for you?

For students who have not started their application, GET STARTED! Do not wait to the last week to start the UF application on the Coalition website. This is not the type of admissions application that can or should be completed in one day. Our admissions team can always tell an application that was rushed to completion, so please do not wait to get started on your application. I recommend checking out the “Our Application Has Opened” post on the UF admissions blog for tips on completing the UF application.

For students who have started, but not submitted their application, DO NOT RUSH! The application deadline has been pushed back, so use that time wisely. Reread and review the UF supplemental application including the personal essay. Make sure you are including as much detail as you can when filling out the resume sections such as “Extracurricular Activities” “Community Service” “Honors & Awards” etc. Your application and your essay are the only opportunities we get to learn more about you, so make sure you are telling our team as much as you can in the limited space given.

We DO NOT recommend students wait until the week of November 15th to submit. The only deadline that was pushed back is the application deadline. The SSAR still needs to be submitted and linked by December 1st and ACT/SAT test scores must be in and matched by December 15th. These steps cannot be done until after an application is submitted. That only give you two weeks to verify that your SSAR is into us and a month to verify your test scores. You all have enough on your plate as seniors in your fall semester, so save yourself a headache and try and submit before November 15th.

If you need some suggestions on completing the application or personal essay, check out “Application Tips” and “Our Tips on Writing Your UF College Essay” on the UF admissions blog.

For students who have submitted their UF application, CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the first step and we look forward to reviewing your application. Now that you have submitted your application, please bookmark the “Check Your Application Status” page and check it often! You will gain access to the page 24-48 hours after submitting your application, and you will use your Coalition username and password to access it. The page will let you know if we have a completed application file for you. It includes a link that will allows you to link your SSAR to your application (a requirement) and it will show you exactly which test scores we have on file (another requirement) for review. Remember: The SSAR is still due by December 1st and your test scores need to be into our office by December 15th.

Best wishes to you all. Use this extension to your advantage!