Throughout the year, the admissions office receives questions about financial aid. College is a major financial investment, and students often contact our office looking for opportunities to reduce some of the costs. The Office of Admissions offers a few scholarships, and students do not need to fill out a separate application or submit additional materials for these. Every admitted student who applied by the November 15th deadline will be reviewed for one of our scholarships. The review uses the same holistic and academic criteria that is at the core of our admissions process. For more information on these scholarships, check out the Office of Admission scholarship page.

Nonetheless, students should not wait until they are admitted to start searching and applying for scholarships. There are many opportunities to gain financial aid before that February date, so in this blog post we will provide you with a few possible options:


We recommend starting with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as the FAFSA. Every student should fill this out as they may qualify for federal student aid in the forms of grants, scholarships, part-time employment (also known as work-study), and potential loans. Check out this blog post written by our Student Financial Affairs office for information on completing the FAFSA.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarships

If you didn’t know, the Florida Department of Education offers a Florida Bright Futures Scholarships to high school graduates based on academic achievement. The program has different award levels, each with its own eligibility criteria, and award amounts may include 100% tuition coverage for all four years at any public Florida institution. I highly recommend reaching out to your high school guidance counselors or visiting the Florida Student Scholarships website for more information.

Student Financial Affairs

The Office of Student Financial Affairs (SFA) offers an online search engine that provides information about both college-awarded and private scholarships available at the University of Florida. Interested students can search by college, major, class standing including high school seniors, and other criteria to find scholarships for which they may be eligible.

Third-Party Scholarship Search Engines

Although the University of Florida is not affiliated with the following websites, third-party scholarships search engines are capable of providing other need-based or merit-based scholarships to help fund your education.

All in all, do not wait until February or March to begin research on funding your education. Use this winter break to begin or continue applying for scholarships.