During the month of January, our Freshmen Admissions committee began selecting the incoming freshman class of 2018. For the past four months, the Office of Admissions has been processing a record number of applications. The daily tasks include matching SAT/ACT test scores to the right application, reviewing residency documents for student classification, reading applications alongside personal essays/résumés, reviewing recalculated GPAs and answering your questions, whether in person or via phone/email.

A common question that our admissions team often hears pertains to why UF waits to release decisions in February when the priority application deadline is November 1. For this blog post we are sharing the steps in our review process:

The Subjective–Your Résumé and Your Essay

Gators are more than just their GPA and test scores. Every application, which includes the résumé and essay, is read at least two times by different members of the admissions team. Our team works diligently to select students with strong personal qualities in every incoming freshman class. We will often spend weeknights, weekends and holiday breaks in order to thoroughly review student applications.

The Objective–Your GPA and Your Test Scores

Academic materials like the Student Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR), which is used to re-calculate the high school GPA and SAT/ACT test scores, have deadlines in December. Applicants who have met all the priority deadlines are reviewed in January for admission when our office returns from the holiday break.

The Holistic Process–The Subjective and the Objective

Once all the student applications have been read, applications will be matched up to their recalculated GPA and their best test scores received. Admissions officers will then review their territory rosters of prospective students and make recommendations for the forthcoming class according to the school profile, the subjective and objective reviews. Those recommendations are then reviewed by an internal admissions committee and admission directors in order to select the final freshman class.

We Understand!

We review applications thoroughly because we know how important your application is to you. Your application is equally important to our office, so we want to assure you that we review your submitted materials completely before reaching a final decision.