February 9th is just around the corner, which means Decision Day is approaching for those who met our priority deadline. We know you all have been waiting so patiently and our office could not be more appreciative. Last year, we did a blog post on tips for decision day, so we wanted to reiterate those points again and provide a few more tips on how to prepare for your UF Admissions decision.

“Your admissions decision to UF (or any higher education institution) is not an evaluation of your value in society.”

This is my advice to you as a Gator alumna and a higher education admissions officer: it doesn’t matter what college you attend; what matters is what you do with your time wherever you are. Thrive wherever you are planted whether it is at University of Florida or another institution. Success isn’t a guarantee simply by attendance. Success will come from utilizing the opportunities given to you no matter where you attend. Get to know your professors. Get involved on campus organizations. Be a voice on campus. Those moments will be what defines your undergraduate experience.

“Take a deep breath”

Since returning back to work from the holiday break, our office has received phone calls from anxious applicants and their family members about admissions decisions. We know that some of you have been waiting for your admission decision since August. Naturally, we expect many of you to be anxious about your decision. Before checking your status, just take a deep breath and clear your thoughts.

“Do not make checking your Admissions Decision a public affair.”

This year we received a record breaking number of applications but, due to space limitations, we are unable to admit every well-qualified applicant. There will be many outstanding and talented students who will not be admitted to UF. Friends, teammates, and fellow classmates may not receive the decisions they had hoped for, so we recommend checking your status with a positive family member or a positive close friend, but not with an entire party.

“Check your Application Status BEFORE February 9th to verify that your Username and Password still work.”

No matter how many times we reiterate, we still see this issue every year. Anxious applicants will call the office after hours because they weren’t able to log in to the “Check Your Status” page to see their admission decision. In order to avoid having to wait until Monday, February 12th to receive your admission decision, check your application status before the afternoon of February 9th to verify that you are able to log in. Our office does not have access to your Coalition username or password. You will need to do a password reset through the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success login page in order to regain access to check your status.

Our admissions team will be here to guide you all through the decision process. Please do not hesitate to reach out before and after decisions are released if you have any questions.