Nestled in the cluster of red brick buildings next to Library West, Peabody Hall is home to numerous resources for students at the University of Florida. One of those resources is the Care Area. This haven for students is where you’ll find the welcoming arms of the Care Team.

Why do students visit the Care Area? In addition to facing general struggles of getting adjusted to life at the university, students who are struggling to pick a major, having health or financial issues, or just need some holistic care, should all be taking advantage of the Care Area. Not convinced? Check out this BuzzFeed article that presents the top 7 reasons why you should stop by.

So what does the Care Area encompass? The Care Area oversees several UF programs.

U Matter We Care is a coalition of offices including those for International Center, Dean of Students, and Counseling and Wellness. As a major part of the Care Area, it also helps create a culture of care at UF. Through U Matter We Care, students can schedule one-on-one meetings with social workers employed by the university to discuss the struggles they are facing. The goal of these meetings is to help students organize their lives so they can become a more well-adjusted person and succeed in school.

The Collegiate Veterans Success Center (CVSC) is specifically focused on helping student veterans and their families succeed. An average military contract is four years long, meaning that by the time many veterans enroll at a college or university, they are a little older, have families, and have different life experiences than recent high school graduates. With 2,000 military-connected individuals reported in the past year at UF, there is a considerable need for this group to be served. The CVSC hosts events where veterans can connect with one another and with potential employers.

The Hitchcock Field and Fork Pantry provides perishable and non-perishable foods for all all food-insecure students and faculty who are able to present a valid UFID. While many food pantries are located on college campuses throughout the United States, UF’s pantry is unique in that it does not require any proof of need. In reducing this barrier to entry, the pantry welcomes any student or faculty member. Open now for three years, the pantry has served 26,700 visitors and distributed 178,000 pounds of food.

Graduate Angela Rodriguez first began utilizing the pantry shortly after it opened in Fall 2015. The pantry allowed her to pick up free food right on campus saving her both money and time. “It relieved stress knowing I have these resources to use if I need,” Angela says. “I saved time so I could focus on my studies.” If you want to learn more about Angela’s story, watch her featured by the Today Show.

With numerous resources for students, the Care Area is a great place to find help when you need it at UF. It is important to know that Gators really do care about one another.