As the November 1st deadline for the UF priority application approaches, we asked a few students to share why they decided to apply. From family ties to intended major to just feeling at home, this is what current UF students have to say:

As a sophomore majoring in public health and microbiology, Shivani Doshi describes her reason for applying as an out-of-state student: “I did high school in Atlanta [but] because my parents were moving to Tampa and because [UF] is medically oriented and I knew I wouldn’t find that in Georgia. And when I came on campus, everyone was super friendly. I was at first scared I wouldn’t make friends, but when I came on a campus tour and talked to other students, I felt like it was the right fit.”

Vikram Patel

Senior biology major Vikram Patel says he “felt that UF would have better options, especially for a pre-med student. [He] can’t compare it to anything else as there [have] definitely been [multiple] opportunities here.”

“It was the best school in Florida,” says senior finance major Lukas Decker, “I didn’t want to be anywhere else because I felt like I was getting a good bang for my buck and I was going to go to a highly ranked institution and saving a lot of money.”

Isabella Shanle

Isabella Shanle, a junior studying information systems, shared: “I applied because I knew I wanted to stay in state and [UF] has one of the best reputations in Florida. I’m in the business school, and we’re [UF] in the top 20 public schools.”

Brandan Birsic, a junior economics major described his decision, saying, “Florida was and it still is ranked higher than [other schools I applied to] by a long shot and it was a lot more affordable. Plus I came and it just kind of felt like home [yet] it was far enough away from home. I just definitely liked the environment and the atmosphere.”

Telecommunications major Cameron Tate shared, “both of my sisters went here and I grew up wanting to be on campus.”

John McWhorter

Freshman John McWhorter, a history major, applied because he “did dual enrollment credits and they all transferred.” He also described his attraction to the campus, “a large part [was] the campus. I really liked the campus.”