Fourth-year accounting student Katie Feraguti wasn’t sure what she wanted to major in when she started college, but she was certain she would have great choices at UF. “I knew I would go into some sort of science or math field and I knew UF had the best programs for that kind of stuff,” Feraguti said. Once on campus, she found herself in the Fisher School of Accounting, ranked the number 6 accounting program among public institutions according to U.S. News and World Report’s 2020 rankings. “Majoring in accounting helps me stand out because it is such a specialized field,” Feraguti said. She has found that there are many opportunities to network and get connected within the college. “Our business college is well respected so there are always accounting recruiters and they really want us. It definitely opens a lot of doors,” Feraguti said.

The Fisher School of Accounting is part of the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. With three schools, 11 research centers, and more than 35 academic programs, opportunities for students abound. “We are preparing young professionals for lives of purpose,” said Alex Sevilla, Associate Dean and Director of the Heavener School of Business which is part of the Warrington College of Business. Sevilla also emphasized the importance of experiential learning. “We are deliberate in encouraging students right from the start to have experiences of discovery,” he said. The college does this in many ways, from inspiring students to join one of the numerous organizations available, providing opportunities to network for internships, or resourcing study abroad options for students, which Sevilla said gives students a chance to “prove their capabilities to persevere with some discomfort.”

Overall, 50 percent of undergraduate business students graduate with an abroad experience. Joyce Griffith, a fourth-year marketing major, had the opportunity to venture to the Netherlands, which she found to be a very fruitful experience. “Studying abroad is important for business because with globalization everything is so connected,” said Griffith. “When you’re doing business with another country you can’t just assume that the American way is the best way.” She also found that studying in another country pushed her to break out and try new things. “I’m really glad that the business school pushed study abroad because it’s very structured, but when you come back from studying abroad you realize you can learn just as much from your experiences,” said Griffith.

Also available to students in the Warrington College of Business are combined degree programs. Through these programs, students can enroll in graduate courses in their junior and senior years that satisfy both undergraduate and graduate requirements. The programs are a great connection to the Hough Graduate School of Business.

Prakash Madhavan, an Information Systems student at Hough, said, “I like that [the program] is a mix of both management and technology so it gives us the opportunity to move into both in our career.” He describes how, in his second year, he was able to choose between three different tracks of study to further personalize his education. His classmate, Harrish Teekachar, has also benefited from the program. “It has helped to tailor my resume, grow contacts on LinkedIn and grow my elevator pitch for the career fair.” Teekachar believes UF’s comprehensive coursework has given him a strong foundation in his career.

The programs, opportunities and resources that are offered at Warrington are what help it stand out above other business schools in the nation. “We have created a positive ecosystem where these three schools have their own strategy but pair nicely with each other,” said Sevilla.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Warrington College of Business, visit the website here.