My name is Jordan Haber, and I am currently a rising junior majoring in Business Administration. This past year was not the year anyone expected, but at UF we were fully equipped to handle the challenges the world threw at us. Now with COVID regulations easing, I am excited for this summer in Gainesville, and especially for this upcoming fall.

This summer I will be studying for the LSAT, as I am currently planning on applying to law school during my senior year at UF. I am really excited to get back on campus. Although I lived in Gainesville this academic year, most of my classes were on Zoom. Now I am making it a priority to be on campus as much as possible. Being around other students motivates me, and just being in Gainesville is a different environment than being at home. Gainesville is a college town, and everyone around the UF campus is extremely focused on academics. While I can’t speak for all UF students, I’m ready to go full Marston basement again, or just hang out in Lib West in between classes.

I am also excited to see friends again and get back to a sense of normalcy. I want to make a point of exploring Gainesville and the surrounding areas too, as there are a lot of beautiful places in the area that I haven’t been to yet. I have a day trip with friends planned to Ginnie Springs and I’m going to drive around Northern Florida flying my drone, which is a hobby of mine.

If you’ve been reading the news, you may know that a huge announcement has been made that got everyone on campus talking. The Swamp is going to be back at full capacity for football season. This was the best news I’ve gotten all year. For those who have never been to a game in the Swamp, you have to go! I’ve personally never missed a UF home football game while I’ve been a student. After a full week of studying and working hard on all your classes, a UF football game lets you sit back and forget about the stress of school. I know that first game back to a full Swamp will be something special, so for all the incoming freshmen, get your season tickets! This is going to be one to remember.