Connecting to Campus

At the University of Florida, we are dedicated to increasing college access and providing opportunities for students from all backgrounds. We celebrate our community of students from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Students can expand their learning outside the classroom by participating in programs and institutes that support and promote multicultural learning experiences.
Cultural Enrichment

Multicultural & Diversity Affairs (MCDA)

Multicultural & Diversity Affairs (MCDA) educates, empowers and mobilizes students, campus and community partners, and creates cutting-edge programs and opportunities in the areas of multicultural education, self-awareness, advocacy, intercultural understanding, and social justice with a commitment toward creating an inclusive, affirming and just campus community.

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The Counseling and Wellness Center is devoted to making sure your UF experience is one where you feel welcome, heard and supported as you strive to achieve and maintain academic success. We support students torn between personal stressors and the demands of school.

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Career Connections Center (CCC)

The CCC's mission is to educate and create connections for the University of Florida community in order to facilitate the holistic career development of students. The CRC connect students with potential employers and internships while assisting them with career planning, interviewing skills and resume development.

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Career Help fOr Major Planning program (CHOMP)

The Career Help for Major Planning program (CHOMP) was designed to help students through the process of selecting a major with ease. If you're ready to find a major or are considering different career paths, the CHOMP program will help you find the major.

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Office of Academic Support (OAS)

The Office of Academic Support's mission is to provide academic support and personal enrichment services to UF students in an environment that is perceived as inclusive, respectful and welcoming to a diverse student population. We offer peer mentoring, academic tutoring and a series of academic and professional workshops. These programs and services can help students reach their academic goals and be successful.

The OAS Summer and Fall Transition Programs are programs targeted to first generation and/or underrepresented students accepted to UF. Students that participate in these programs will receive more intensive and individualized academic support, and encouragement in preparation for the challenges of university life. Students are made aware of institutional expectations and exposed to learning opportunities beyond the classroom. The programs connect students to campus resources and services that foster academic and professional success.

The OAS AIM Program (Assisting students Improving skills Maximizing potential), is a year-long program designed to strengthen and enhance students' existing academic skills. Students are selected by the Office of Admissions and given the opportunity to attend UF beginning in the Summer B term. Academic advisors, smaller classes, and summer acclimation to college are all positive benefits within this program. AIM is administered by the OAS.

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Student Financial Management Center (SFMC)

The Student Financial Management Center, located in the Office for Student Financial Affairs, is a resource center for students, dedicated to educating students in areas of financial management, debt management, avoiding identity theft, budgeting, consumer credit, and a whole host of other important areas.

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University Minority Mentoring Program (UMMP)

UMMP supports first-year students in their transition to the University of Florida campus community by pairing them with a faculty/staff mentor. In addition to having a mentor, mentees are invited to participate in several activities that will expose them to various aspects of campus life. Applications are available online during the summer term.

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EFTP (Engineering Freshman Transition Program)

Engineering Freshman Transition Program provides assistance in helping students acclimate and prepare for the fall term as engineering students. The EFTP is a residential program open to all first-year engineering students. Selected students will arrive on campus during the summer B session to get an opportunity to discover the campus prior to the arrival of the rest of the UF students. EFTP is comprised of intense courses offered during summer B to assist students in adjusting to the level, speed and style of college instruction.

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STEP-UP (Successful Transition through Enhance Preparation for Undergraduate Programs)

The STEP-UP Program (Successful Transition through Enhanced Preparation for Undergraduate Programs) is designed to promote academic and personal success among UF freshman engineering students. The program invites all first-year engineering students, with a particular focus on underrepresented populations. The program has two major components: a six-week summer residential program, and an 8 month non-residential program. Both components consist of study halls, tutoring, and personalized academic advising, faculty/corporate, and peer mentor support throughout the student's freshman year.

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