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Innovation Academcy students receive awards

All About PaCE!

Since PaCE is still a fairly new admission path, there are several misconceptions about the program. Today, we address the top two misconceptions about PaCE and provide a little insight from a current student in the PaCE program...

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An Introduction to the Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy is a program developed for students who are, of course, innovative, but who are also driven leaders seeking more out of their traditional college experience. It is a leading-edge program designed to bridge the gap between ideas and reality by encouraging innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship... More

Admitted Freshman Profile

In the days following our decision notification, the UF Admissions Office celebrated with admitted Gators, whose dreams became reality as soon as their application status pages revealed that one magical word: “congratulations”. We are excited to announce that the academic and personal profiles of our incoming Gators are perhaps the highest achieved by any UF admitted class.More