Post-baccalaureate Admissions

Post-baccalaureate study is for students who have already received a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and want to complete additional college coursework. Students interested in post-baccalaureate study typically take undergraduate courses to fulfill requirements for a professional school, teacher certification, prerequisites for graduate study or licensure/certification.

UF has limited space available for post-baccalaureate studies, so applicants should communicate intentions with their proposed department before applying.

The Office of Admissions must complete the following review before an application is referred to a department:

  • Validation of transcripts and degrees
  • Receipt of official test scores from the testing agency
  • Determination of satisfactory conduct record
  • Application fee payment of $30

The Office of Admissions cannot forward an application for post-bac study to the department until all materials and transcript(s) have been received.