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Student Admissions Officers (SAO)

The Student Admissions Officers (SAOs) are a select group of diverse and motivated UF students chosen to officially represent the University of Florida Office of Admissions. SAOs enhance the experience of new and prospective Gators via a variety of programming designed to prepare students to apply to the University of Florida as well as share how UF can help newly admitted Gators achieve their future goals.

SAOs make a significant impact on the lives of students from across the country as they begin their journey to the University of Florida. Multiple SAO programs are designed to promote applicants and admits through authentic UF student experiences.

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Applications will open for the 2023-2024 year in August of 2023.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University
  • Be an enrolled UF student


The Student Admissions Officers assist in a variety of outreach and recruitment programs for the Office of Admissions. These programs include group tours as well as specific events for prospective and admitted students. SAOs have a unique opportunity to act as student leaders and use their in-depth knowledge to support future Gators through the application and decision process.

Student Recruitment Programs

  • Ask a Gator!

    Ask a Gator! is a virtual opportunity for prospective students to learn about our application process and gather tips and advice to assist them along the way. SAOs host virtual sessions where they provide a presentation about an element of the application followed by an opportunity to ask questions of the SAO and an admissions officer.

  • Gator for a Day

    Gator for a Day gives high school seniors the opportunity to experience what it's like to be a student at the University of Florida by shadowing a SAO for a day. During this experience, participants may sit in on classes, learn about our numerous campus organizations and activities, eat lunch in a campus dining hall and explore the many opportunities UF has to offer.

  • Group Tours

    The SAOs assist the Welcome Center in providing campus tours to schools and community-based organizations. They provide two Admissions-focused tours - one for middle school and early high school groups focused on preparing for college and one for upper high school students focused on the application process.

Admitted Student Programs

  • The Gator Experience

    The Gator Experience is a program for admitted students that runs during the spring semester with the goal of providing an authentic student experience for first-generation Gators. SAOs lead admitted high school seniors through activities including a meal in a campus dining facility, a private tour of favorite student spots on campus and a tour of a residence hall.

  • Gator Tracks

    Gator Tracks is a virtual program that provides newly admitted Gators with an opportunity to hear what it's like to be a student in some of UF's programs. SAOs host sessions about their favorite parts of their major, program or track, discuss how they get involved, and cover how their program is preparing them for a future in their chosen career fields.

Signature Program

  • Phone Blitz

    SAOs reach out to both prospective and admitted students to share their own experiences of student life at UF and encourage students to join the Gator Nation. Fall Phone Blitz focuses on connecting with underrepresented students in the application process and Spring Phone Blitz allows SAOs to connect with recently admitted students.

Admissions Events

In addition to dedicated programs, SAOs are the go-to volunteers for other Admissions events and programs.

Examples of Admissions Event Opportunities:

  • Speaking on student panels at events
  • Opportunities to appear in Admissions publications, social media and videos
  • Hosting prospective students during our annual Open House
  • Acting as an authentic student voice for newly admitted Gators during our Florida Days events in the spring
  • Connecting with high school students at virtual college fairs
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