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When: Monday-Friday, tours offered daily. Check schedule for availability.

Length: Tours start with a 30-minute information session followed by a 90-minute walking tour led by students. Allow two hours for your visit.

Where: Tours start at the Welcome Center, located in the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union

Directions/Parking:Directions and Parking Information

Tours are not offered during state and university holidays or during breaks between university semesters when classes are not in session at UF.

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Schedule a Group Tour

When: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. Tours are not available on weekends.

Length: Tours are approximately two hours and include a 30-minute information session explaining our application process followed by a 90-minute student-led walking tour of campus.

Schedule Your Group Tour

If you have questions, contact the Welcome Center at 352-392-2959 or via email.

Group tours can accommodate up to 80 students, not including chaperones. These tours can be scheduled year-round.

Group visits are offered to high schools, middle schools and community-based organizations serving all grade levels.

During busy months (March, April, July and October), group tours will be limited.

All group tour participants will be required to fill out the Student Information Form prior to arrival on campus for the tour.

Self-Guided Tour Map

Special Visit Opportunities

The following colleges and programs offer specialized tours that are not coordinated with the Welcome Center. Consult the links below for more information.

Tour Housing

Tours of housing and the interior of buildings is not included in the campus tour. Housing photos can be found link to UF Housing on Facebook.

Cancel or Edit a Tour

A link to cancel or edit your tour is located in your confirmation email.

Gator for a Day

The Gator for a Day program pairs high school seniors with UF Student Admissions Officers (SAOs) for a shadow experience that gives insight into what it's like to be a student at the University of Florida. Learn more about this program and our SAOs

Virtual Tour

Can't make it to Gainesville? Take a virtual tour of our campus and get a feel for the day-to-day excitement of the Gator Nation. See the world like we do, as Gators.

Experience UF

Additional Information

Campuswide Speed Limit

There is a campuswide speed limit of 20 MPH. UF is a pedestrian-friendly campus; we appreciate your yielding to students in crosswalks.

Area Accommodations

Located on the UF campus, the Reitz Union Hotel offers 36 rooms, and advance reservations are highly recommended. While UF endorses no one hotel in Gainesville, this list is provided as a convenience.

Things to See On Campus

While visiting the campus, you might also enjoy the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art and the Florida Museum of Natural History. Both venues are free.

Dining in Our Area

There are many dining options on campus, and here's information on Gainesville area restaurants.


Please monitor weather forecasts and review local and tropical weather plans in planning your travel to Gainesville. Please regularly check the UF home page for official updates, weather advisories and other information.

Tobacco-Free Campus

The University of Florida is proud to be a 100% tobacco-free campus. The use of cigarettes and other tobacco products is prohibited on campus, including parking lots and vehicles. The policy applies to every person who visits UF. Thank you for supporting the university's tobacco-free campus initiative.