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What to Expect on Decision Day

Written by Kat Webb on Feb 21, 2022

It’s the most anticipated time of the year for the Office of Admissions: Decision Week! Read more

Fall 2021

We're in the Top 5!

Written by Kat Webb on Sep 20, 2021

After years of hard work, investment in student and faculty resources, and dedication from the entire community, the University of... Read more

Summer 2021

My Summer Plans

Written by Jordan Haber on Jun 2, 2021

This past year was not the year anyone expected, but at UF we were fully equipped to handle the challenges... Read more

Spring 2021

A Look Back at Spring Semester

Written by Zaria Smith on Apr 21, 2021

As I reflect on Spring 2021, I realize that some aspects of my life remained the same, and others have... Read more

Welcome #UF25!

Written by Kat Webb on Apr 9, 2021

In February 2021, the University of Florida Office of Admissions invited just over 15,000 new students to join The Gator... Read more

A Glimpse Into a UF Student's Reading List

Written by Craft Talbot on Apr 7, 2021

I have always loved reading, but some of my favorite reads by far have been from my time in the... Read more

My Experience as an Out-of-Stater Gator

Written by Bailey Inglis on Mar 31, 2021

Deciding to apply to UF as an out-of-state student was pretty easy. I come from a Big 10 family, but... Read more

How I Made My UF Decision

Written by Gabriella Calixto on Mar 25, 2021

Picture this: You have never stepped foot on UF’s campus and are faced with the decision of whether or not... Read more

Women's History Month at UF

Written by Elizabeth Lossada-Soto on Mar 17, 2021

This Women's History Month, I encourage you to take some time to honor the women of your past and cherish... Read more

What Does a Summer Semester at UF Look Like?

Written by Sofia Mingote on Mar 10, 2021

Summer semesters at UF offer the opportunity to get a more personal first look at UF. Read more

What to Expect on Decision Day

Written by Kat Webb on Feb 24, 2021

It’s the most anticipated time of the year for the Office of Admissions: Decision Week! Read more

Black History Month at UF

Written by Vanessa Toussaint on Feb 19, 2021

Vanessa W. Toussaint, an executive director of Black History Month at UF, shares how UF BHM celebrated despite the COVID-19... Read more

Decision Day Tips

Written by Courtland Campo on Feb 17, 2021

With less than two weeks left, we gathered a few tips about how to prepare for the big day. Read more

All About PaCE

Written by Paige Stapinski on Feb 10, 2021

There is more than one way to become a Gator – but there's only one Gator Nation! Read more

Fall 2020

Navigators at UF

Written by Gina Marchini on Dec 11, 2020

Navigators is a mentorship program that pairs an American UF student with a study abroad or international student. The Navigator... Read more

Finding Community at UF

Written by Angie Cardenas on Dec 2, 2020

The process of finding your people at UF looks different for everyone, but once it happens it will totally change... Read more

UF Admissions Myths

Written by Kat Webb on Nov 6, 2020

It’s that time of year again! Every application season, we get lots of questions about the top myths surrounding admission... Read more

From One Senior to Another

Written by Michelle Hsia on Nov 4, 2020

Senior year comes and goes quick, here's some advice from a current UF senior on how to take advantage of... Read more

Mastering the Waiting Game

Written by Priyanka Pandya on Oct 22, 2020

After months of focus on scholarships and college applications, what should high school seniors after they press the submit button?... Read more

Hispanic Heritage Month at UF

Written by Francesca Bagala on Oct 15, 2020

The theme for our celebration this year was "Iluminar: Make Your Colors Shine Bright." Coming to a new environment where... Read more

Working On Campus

Written by Angie Cardenas on Oct 7, 2020

Working on campus at the University of Florida is an opportunity that is offered through many departments. The list of... Read more

Out-of-Stater Gators

Written by Elisabeth Staten on Oct 1, 2020

The University of Florida welcomes many out-of-state students every year. Whether you're moving to a new city, state, or country,... Read more