After working through years of rigorous coursework and late nights studying, students rightly feel that they have earned the best job potential. Unfortunately, with ever-increasing job competition, it may take a little more effort and planning to obtain a post-college job.

That’s where the Career Connections Center comes in. Offering a varied bundle of services, including individual career guidance and connections to employers, the CCC provides job seekers with the assistance they need to transition from classroom to employment.

“The Career Connections Center (CCC) helped me a lot because there were a lot of job postings on the website and a list of employers who would be attending the showcase with the name of employers and their business emails,” says graduate student Harrish Teekachar. Formerly called the Career Resource Center, the name was changed in order to better represent the scope of resources the center offers.

In 2017, the Career Connections Center reached 25,005 students through virtual sessions, one-on-one appointments, and workshops. Through the CCC, 366 companies interviewed 4,903 UF students, which resulted in 57 percent of undergraduate students and 70 percent of graduate students securing a job or job offer.

Students, employers, alumni, faculty, and families all can find resources at the CRC.

  • The Gator professional series (GPS) is a series of professional workshops that help students develop strategies for applying to jobs, summarizing their UF experience and skills, and branding themselves.
  • Career Help or Major Planning, also known by the acronym C.H.O.M.P., is a simple test designed to help guide students through what majors and careers align with their interests. It is similar to a personality test and gives students insight into what paths may be right for them.

  • Gator CareerLink (GCL) is a free online portal for students and alumni. Through GCL, students have access to internships, co-ops, job shadowing, part and full-time jobs, and career events.

Counselors at the CCC are ready to help with career planning or resume review. Students can schedule an appointment online or walk in from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on weekdays.

Twice a year, the CCC will host a Career Showcase in the O’Connell Center which helps students meet and network with recruiters for potential jobs. Representatives from companies throughout Florida and the United States showcase their career opportunities, and UF students will get interviews, internships, and even full-time jobs from this event. More than 7,000 students attended the most recent event in September when recruiters came from nearly 400 companies. Harrish thrived at the showcase. He described its benefits saying, “at 5 p.m. I got back from the career showcase and at 10 p.m. I got an interview and that’s the first step to my future. From the career showcase, I got a lot of contacts.”

Be sure to check the dates for the Spring 2019 career showcase and familiarize yourself with the list of companies before you arrive. Harrish advises that you also “should research the position [you] are applying for and be ready to give [your] pitch.”

Whether you are exploring career options, hoping to develop your professional skills or connect with opportunities after graduation, the CCC has got you covered. Head over to the ground floor of the Reitz Union and start working towards your future today!