On February 8, the second Friday in February, the University of Florida Office of Admissions welcomed nearly 14,000 new students into the Gator Nation.

Each year, we are presented with an increasingly competitive freshmen applicant pool of hard-working, deeply involved, and academically dedicated students. It is a challenge to make admissions decisions, as we recognize the strengths of all applicants.

We received a record number of nearly 42,000 applications for approximately 6,500 seats in the freshman class. Here’s our new profile:

The Class of 2023:

  • Middle 50% Academic Core GPA: 4.3-4.6
  • Middle 50% SAT: 1330-1460
  • Middle 50% ACT: 29-33

We not only value students who have worked hard for four years to maintain strong grades with rigorous course loads, but also value those who have spent their time working within their community, getting involved at their school, and proving their passion through talents and employment. We are proud to have a class full of innovators, dreamers, artists, and scholars.

We have admitted 500 new students into our Innovation Academy, a program dedicated to students with a creative and innovative mindset. IA offers 29 majors and a non-traditional schedule where students have their fall semester off for travel, internships or research.

A few more than 3,000 students were accepted into our Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE) program. Students accepted into PaCE are Gators from day one who have a blended college career of both online and on-campus classes.

We are proud to welcome our UF Class of 2023 and can’t wait to see what you do with your time here.

Welcome to the Gator Nation #UF23!