Working on campus at the University of Florida is an opportunity that is offered through many departments. The list of job sites that are hiring is seemingly endless when you log onto the Careers at UF website. No matter your interests – from IT and housing to food science, human nutrition, and many others – there are opportunities for you.

Working on campus has greatly impacted my college experience. I applied to my job on a whim, never knowing how life changing the opportunity would prove to be for me. I am now entering my fourth year working in the department of student affairs, specifically under the student government branch.

When I turned in my application to be the Student Government Senate Secretary in my freshman year at UF, I had no clue what I was getting in to. I had applied to a plethora of listings, not knowing if I would actually hear back from any of them since I was only a freshman. Fortunately, I was hired during the fall of 2017 and have been there ever since. During my time, I have served as the senate secretary and the public records assistant. I’ve learned the ins and outs of student government and worked on odd projects here and there.

My time working with student government has helped me gain knowledge, skills and experience that no classroom could have given me. I learned about my leadership style, my preferred working environment and how to work well on a team. I have mastered Excel sheets, trained my eyes to be editing machines, and gained the skill of writing a killer email. Yet the most rewarding gift for me has been the relationships I have formed with the staff. I spend almost every day in my office, and four years later, I still love it. I have never experienced a day where I dreaded going in for a shift at work. I attribute this to the amazing professionals who serve as faculty in this department. They have consistently shown me what servant leadership looks like. They have been some of my best cheerleaders throughout college. It is because of the people that I have been so lucky to be surrounded with that has made my on-campus job one of my favorite parts of my entire college experience.