I started at UF during Summer B for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to acclimate to the rigor of college-level courses. Second, I wanted ample time in my schedule to explore my new surroundings. Summer B is really neat because it only requires students to take six credit hours (rather than the required 12 during the Fall and Spring Semesters). Third, I was very eager to create connections with my professors and my peers. And I did just that!

Two of the professors I had that semester ended up being the same professors who wrote letters of recommendation for me when I applied to scholarships for studying abroad. I also met cool people in my residential hall and dining halls. I was able to explore Gainesville and campus. I went to the Harn Museum and the Florida Museum of Natural History. I ventured to Depot Park and Paynes Prairie. I rented canoes and paddle boards at Lake Wauburg. I was able to visit niche, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and get used to the Regional Transit System (RTS), which is the bus system for both the city and the campus.

Ultimately, if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed about the transition to college, do not fret. Consider starting during Summer B as you will have ample time to explore your new surroundings and meet cool people. It is a much more intimate environment to build those lasting relationships. I loved Summer B and highly recommend it for any freshman who wants to transition at a slower pace when becoming a college student. Go Gators!

P.S. It’s worth mentioning that the state of Florida requires students to take 9 credit hours during the summer before graduation. You can satisfy this in one summer (including Summer B if that’s when you’re starting), over a few summers, or even a summer study abroad program!