Since 2015, Pathway to Campus Enrollment, or PaCE, provides freshmen with the opportunity to start their UF degree online and then transition to campus to complete an undergraduate degree. Our campus has limited physical space to accommodate the many qualified students who desire a UF education. Through PaCE, UF expands its admission offers to more of the best and brightest students. Applicants are considered for PaCE through the freshman application.

The PaCE program offers an excellent academic experience, combining online and campus-based learning. Students selected for PaCE will complete a minimum 15 credit hours and two semesters through UF Online. After completing a total of 60 credit hours and all major requirements for the major, students are eligible to transition to campus to complete their degree. Since there are college-specific transition requirements, students are encouraged to contact the PaCE Academic Advisor for their major to learn more.

Gator Nation Is


PaCE students are Gators from day one… no matter where they reside! With PaCE's flexible learning schedule, students can choose to live in Gainesville, remain at home or even study abroad—allowing them to complete classes from their choice location. Connect with UF Online's PaCE program for more information.


Major Options

PaCE students have access to the 60 majors in the PaCE program. PaCE students also have the option to complete many of the UF Online majors entirely online if they choose not to transition to campus. PaCE advisors are available to discuss this option with students.

Students choosing to major in programs outside of PaCE must apply to UF as an upper-division transfer and are not guaranteed admission. Consult the college that offers your desired non-PaCE major to discuss the details and possibility of admission as a transfer.

Academic Advising and Program Requirements

PaCE students receive dedicated academic advising from their college/major prior to registering for courses. Refer to the list of college advising contacts.

To transition to campus, a PaCE student must:

  • Earn a total of 60 credits (up to 45 credits may come from previous college credits earned through AP, IB, Dual Enrollment or other accelerated methods)
  • Enroll in UF Online for at least two semesters and earn at least 15 credit hours.
  • Complete all major specific prerequisite coursework and transition requirements

Pre-Professional Pathways

A pre-professional pathway is possible in PaCE through the Microbiology and Cell Science and Nutritional Sciences majors in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). However, health-related professional schools often recommend taking critical-tracking courses face-to-face at the state college or university level. Currently, not all health-related professional schools accept online undergraduate courses. We suggest that students admitted to UF through PaCE who are interested in health-related professional schools coordinate with their academic advisor to take all prerequisite courses in a face-to-face format.

We recommend taking prerequisite courses residentially at a state college or university. If you take your critical-tracking courses at a state college or university (other than the University of Florida) your pathway to campus admission is as follows:

  • Accept admission to UF through PaCE and select Microbiology and Cell Science or Nutritional Sciences as your major
  • Plan on taking the pre-health prerequisite courses such as biology, chemistry, and possibly others face-to-face (not as an online course) as a transient student at a state university or college. Talk to your academic advisor about which courses should be taken face-to-face rather than online
  • Complete the rest of the PaCE requirements

It is essential that you coordinate your course selection with your UF advisor to ensure that you stay on track to graduate from the University of Florida. Questions about the pre-professional path through PaCE can be directed to

Credits Taken at Other Institutions

The 60 credits required to transition to campus may be satisfied partially by taking courses at other colleges or universities with prior approval of your college.

Not all colleges allow for this type of enrollment, which is called transient enrollment. Talk to your academic advisor before enrolling elsewhere to make sure transient enrollment is allowed and that the credits will transfer and are appropriate for your chosen major.

At least 15 credits must be taken through UF Online before transitioning to campus. Taking courses at other institutions may have financial aid implications, so be sure to discuss your intentions with both your academic advisor and the UF OneStop. It is important that you enroll as a transient student correctly by completing the appropriate paperwork rather than just enrolling in additional coursework at a different institution.

Summer Enrollment

PaCE students are permitted to take courses at another institution during the summer prior to beginning in PaCE. Since you will not be considered a UF student at that time, no transient forms or formal permission are required.

We strongly suggest you contact the appropriate academic advisor to discuss your plans and how the courses you intend to take will help you complete your program requirements. You must earn a minimum college GPA of a 2.0 to remain eligible for PaCE.

To be considered a freshman, you may not take more than 11 college credits between the time that you graduate from high school and when you enroll at UF. This does not include dual-enrollment credit taken while still enrolled in high school.

Graduating with Honors

PaCE students can graduate with honors if they meet the requirement for their majors.

While it is rare, PaCE students are eligible to apply to join the University Honors Program if they meet certain conditions. Refer to Graduating with Honors in the Undergraduate Catalog or the University Honors Program for more information.