Options for:Denied Applicants

When You Are Denied Admission to UF

Admission to the University of Florida is very competitive. We are not able to admit all students who are qualified and eligible for admission due to the limited available space in our freshman class. Each application is holistically reviewed by multiple staff members. We wish all of our applicants the best in their academic journeys.

Other Pathways to UF Enrollment

If your admission and/or appeal is denied, you may want to consider applying to UF as an upper-division transfer student, UF Online, or applying to one of our excellent graduate or professional programs in the future.

Appealing Your Freshman Decision

Each application is reviewed at least twice and more often three or four times by the admissions committee using a holistic review process. Due to the thoroughness of our application review process, it is unusual for us to reverse an admission decision. We will consider an appeal only if it provides new and compelling information.

PaCE and Innovation Academy students are not eligible to appeal.

Possible reasons or considerations for an appeal and the required supporting documentation:

Grade Change

One or more of your grades from grades 9 through 11 has changed resulting in a higher core GPA.

Supporting documentation:

  • Appeal letter written by the student
  • Official high school and/or dual enrollment transcript(s)


A medical condition, illness or surgery that negatively impacted your academic performance.

Supporting documentation:

  • Appeal letter written by the student
  • Documentation or letter from health care provider outlining the severity and duration of the medical condition and how that impacted the student. Detailed medical documentation of the condition(e.g. lab or test results) is not required or reviewed.

Life Circumstance

Extenuating life circumstances that negatively impacted academics and/or participation in extracurricular activities that were not disclosed or fully explained in the original application.

Supporting documentation:

  • Appeal letter written by the student
  • Optional: letter of explanation corroborating circumstances from school counselor (not a general recommendation letter)

Documented Disability

A documented disability (physical, sensory, psychological, developmental, learning, neurological or other impairments) that impacts your opportunities to equitably engage in the learning environment and/or limits your participation in extracurricular activities.

Supporting documentation:

  • Appeal letter written by the student
  • Disability documentation, which may include psychoeducational evaluations, educational or medical records, reports and assessments created by health care providers, school psychologists, or teachers. The documentation should be inclusive of information from a licensed professional outlining the disability's impact on learning.

Omitted Information

Critical information not included in your original application.

Supporting documentation:

  • Appeal letter written by the student

Reasons we will not consider for an appeal:

Reasons we will not consider for an appeal:

  • Appeals written by someone other than the applicant.
  • Test scores received after the decision was released.
  • Senior grades.
  • Additional activities, honors, or awards earned after applying.
  • Interviews or meeting with admissions staff in person, virtually, or on the phone.
  • A strong desire to attend the University of Florida.

How to appeal

If you have new and compelling information that was not included in your original application, contact the Office of Admissions by calling 352-392-1365 to discuss the appeals process. If you are eligible to appeal, an appeal form will be placed on your admissions status page.

Appeal forms will be available beginning March 4. Appeals must be received by March 29 for those who received a decision February 23. Appeals must be received by April 15 for those who received a decision March 29. Contact the Office of Admissions at least 2 days prior to the appeal deadline to request an appeal form.

It generally takes two to four weeks for an appeal to be reviewed by the Undergraduate Appeals Committee, although the time frame can vary depending on the volume of appeals. The committee's decision is final.