Applying As A

Requirements for Freshman Applicants

These are the minimum requirements for applying to UF. Note that admission to UF is competitive, and most admitted students will exceed these requirements.


Graduation from a regionally accredited or state-approved secondary school or the equivalent (G.E.D., etc.)

Academic Credits

Sixteen academic units, distributed as follows:

checkmark 4 Years of English (with substantial writing)

checkmark 4 Years of Mathematics (at or above the Algebra 1 level)

checkmark 3 Years of Natural Sciences (two units must include a laboratory)

checkmark 3 Years of Social Sciences

checkmark 2 Years of a foreign language (must be sequential)

Grade Point Average

A cumulative C grade point average in the academic core, as computed by the university, at all institutions attended (high school and college).


Students taking dual-enrollment courses must present a minimum 2.0 GPA at every institution attended.


A record of good conduct. Major or continuing difficulty with school or other officials may render an applicant ineligible regardless of academic qualifications.


All applicants must submit test scores from the SAT and/or the ACT. UF will superscore (take the highest scores for each subsection) to create the highest possible total score. UF does not require or encourage applications to complete the essay portion of the ACT.

ACT or SAT scores can be sent directly from the testing agency or self-reported through your application status page. Scores must be received by UF by December 1. If your test scores are not received by the deadline, your application will be moved into the space-available applicant pool.

Students Earning an AA Degree/60 College Credits

Students who will receive their high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree or 60 college credits at the same time should complete the freshman application. On your application, select a specific major and UF college. If we are unable to offer you admission at the freshman level, you will be asked if you would like to have your application reconsidered as an upper-division transfer. At the upper-division level review, you must meet college and major prerequisite course and minimum GPA requirements.

Home-Schooled or Non-Accredited Students

Homeschooled students or students at non-accredited schools are considered for admission using the same holistic review process applied to other freshman applicants. In addition to grades and ACT/SAT scores, students attending a homeschool or a non-accredited school are encouraged to take core classes and submit grades from an accredited secondary or post-secondary institution. While not required, students may also submit results from AP/IB tests for consideration.