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PaCE Student Involvement

PaCE offers students the option to choose their level of involvement on UF's residential campus. PaCE students pay the UF Online tuition rate and are not charged for fee-based services as part of their standard cost of attendance. Those students who want to have full access to all services, programs and activities on campus can purchase the Optional Fee Package, which includes:

  • Participation in recreational sports, intramurals and Student Government sponsored events
  • Access to recreation and fitness facilities
  • Access to the Student Health Care Center and Counseling and Wellness Center
  • Access to student sections and discounted pricing for athletic events (based on ticket availability)
  • Fare-free service on Gainesville's Regional Transit System (RTS)
  • And more!

Housing for PaCE Students

Due to space limitations, PaCE students cannot live on campus in UF residence halls prior to transitioning to campus. PaCE students are not required to be physically located in Gainesville until they transition to campus. Students who wish to move to Gainesville before transitioning to campus can find off-campus living accommodations. UF's off-campus housing team can be a good resource for determining what housing arrangements will best fit your needs, balancing your budget and matching with the perfect roommate.

College of Arts Students

Most students with a major in the College of the Arts who accept their PaCE offer will be required to take their studio courses (music, dance, art, graphic design, etc.) on campus. While PaCE students cannot reside in on-campus housing until their transition, our Off Campus Life at UF can help students locate off-campus housing. For more information, refer to the College of the Arts PaCE website.

Services for PaCE Students

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) strives to provide quality services to students with physical, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities, to educate them about their legal rights and responsibilities so that they can make informed decisions, and to foster a sense of empowerment so that they can engage in critical thinking and self-determination. Contact the DRC directly for additional information.

Counseling and Wellness Center

Many free resources are available to PaCE students through the UF Counseling and Wellness Center's website. To gain full access to the Counseling and Wellness Center, PaCE students may purchase the Optional Fee Package through UF Online or pay an Off-Semester Access Charge.

Student Organizations, Sports & Recreation

PaCE students who wish to access on-campus recreation and fitness centers and participate in intramural sports may purchase the UF Online Optional Fee Package or purchase a non-fee paying student membership (each semester).

PaCE students may join student organizations if they meet the qualifications for the organizations per university regulations. PaCE students may join intramural and club sports teams but are not eligible to compete in varsity sports sponsored by the University Athletic Association until they transition to campus.

Refer to the UF Online PaCE page to learn more.

Other Activities and Services

Marching band or music ensembles: PaCE students who successfully pass an audition can participate in marching band or other music ensembles.

Fraternities and sororities: Social fraternities and sororities have chapters at the University of Florida but are national organizations with many different eligibility policies of their own. We encourage our students to inquire about a chapter's membership requirements and its policies on remaining an active member.

Meal plans: The same UF meal plans available to all students are available to PaCE students. Off-campus students may be particularly interested in the commuter meal plans.

Football and basketball tickets: PaCE students are eligible to purchase tickets for football and basketball in the student sections. Since PaCE students do not pay the athletic fee as part of their standard cost of attendance, they will pay a different amount for these tickets, and they may not be eligible for season football tickets. To receive student rates to athletic events, PaCE students may purchase the Optional Fee Package.

Hear From Current PaCE Students
Picture of Paige Stapinksi

Flexibility for Your Schedule

Paige Stapinski

Public Relations, Class of 2023

left quote

Being a part of the PaCE program here at UF has been the most amazing experience so far. When I first received my acceptance, I was overwhelmed by the idea of taking my first college classes online, but I quickly learned how great a fit this program was for me. PaCE gives you the opportunity to create a personalized work schedule, which has allowed me to balance my work schedule along with getting involved on campus! With the flexibility of the PaCE program, I have been able to joining some amazing organizations while also staying on top of my classes. right quote

Picture of Abby O'Connell

Taking it at Your PaCE

Abby O'Connell

Telecommunications Productions, Class of 2021

left quote

Once I realized that I could move up to Gainesville and be involved on campus, I got super excited. Honestly, there were a lot of benefits [to PaCE] that I didn't realize. I support myself through college [by] working, and it gave me a lot of flexibility with work, which really helped. It also taught me time management. The transition between high school and college was definitely something that hit me pretty hard, but taking online classes taught me how to manage my time really well, when I needed to set a schedule for myself and study at different points during the day without someone telling me to.

I quickly realized that there were a lot of Facebook pages and GroupMes for [PaCE] study groups. A lot of students in the PaCE program do move up to Gainesville to get involved, and [those groups] were helpful for meeting people. Also, a lot of the professors I had for my online classes were very available, and it was easy to shoot them an email and get a super quick response or video chat with my professors who had online office hours. I thought it was pretty cool that I could interact with my professors face-to-face even though I was taking an online class. right quote