General Questions

The information below covers the most frequent questions that we hear about PaCE. If you have additional questions, contact the UF Office of Admissions at 352-392-1365 or via the contact form. Be sure to include your name, question and phone number for a response.

What is UF PaCE?

The UF Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE) provides additional opportunities for UF to offer admission to qualified freshman applicants with considerable academic potential and demonstrated scholastic success. Students selected for UF PaCE will enroll in UF Online as degree-seeking students for a minimum of two semesters and complete at least 15 credit hours online. After earning a total of 60 credits and meeting their selected major's requirements, students may submit a transition form to move from online learning to a guaranteed place on the UF residential campus in their desired PaCE major.

Why was I selected for UF PaCE?

Because of limitations to our freshman enrollment on UF's residential campus, we are unable to accommodate every capable student who applies to the university. However, because of your demonstrated potential, we are offering you a pathway to UF's residential campus that is different from our traditional transfer program.

Will my diploma say UF Online or the University of Florida?

From Day One, you are a University of Florida Gator. Your diploma will not have any special PaCE designation.

Academic Information

What majors are available to students who are admitted through PaCE?

There are 60 PaCE majors. Newly admitted PaCE students also can elect to complete their entire degree online in any UF Online major.

May I change my major while in PaCE?

You may change your major to any other PaCE major or any major currently offered through UF Online. Students choosing to major in programs outside of PaCE must apply to UF as an upper-division transfer and are not guaranteed a place on the UF residential campus. Consult the college that offers your desired non-PaCE major to discuss the details and possibility of such a transfer.

Can I fulfill my PaCE conditions to transition to campus by taking classes at another institution?

The condition of having at least 60 hours before transitioning to campus may be satisfied partially by taking courses at other colleges or universities with prior approval of your college. However, it is very important that you realize that not all colleges allow for this type of enrollment, which is called transient enrollment (it also can be referred to as dual enrollment). Thus, you must talk to your academic advisor before enrolling elsewhere to make sure transient enrollment is allowed and, if so, that the credits will transfer and are appropriate for your chosen major. Keep in mind that at least 15 credits must be taken through UF Online before transitioning to campus. Taking courses at other institutions may have financial aid implications, so be sure to discuss your intentions with both your academic advisor and the UF OneStop. It is important that you enroll as a transient student correctly by completing the appropriate paperwork rather than just enrolling in additional coursework at a different institution.

Can I apply to professional school programs (medical, dental and vet schools) as a student admitted through PaCE?

A pre-professional pathway is possible in PaCE through the Microbiology and Cell Science and Nutritional Sciences majors in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). However, health-related professional schools recommend taking critical-tracking courses face-to-face at the university level. Currently, not all health-related professional schools accept online undergraduate courses. We suggest, in coordination with your advisor, that students admitted to UF through PaCE who are interested in health-related professional schools take all prerequisite courses as a residential student.

We recommend taking prerequisite courses residentially at a state university (e.g., University of Central Florida, Florida International University, or other state university.) If you take your critical-tracking courses at a state university (other than the University of Florida) your pathway to campus admission is:

  1. Accept admission to UF through PaCE and select Microbiology and Cell Science or Nutritional Sciences as your major.
  2. Plan on taking the pre-health prerequisite courses such as biology, chemistry, and possibly others face-to-face (not as an online course) as a transient student at a state university. Talk to your academic advisor about which courses should be taken face-to-face rather than online.
  3. Complete the rest of the PaCE requirements.

It is essential that you coordinate your course selection with your UF advisor to ensure that you stay on track to graduate from the University of Florida. Questions about the pre-professional path through PaCE can be directed to

Can PaCE students join the Honors Program and/or graduate with honors?

PaCE students can graduate with honors if they meet the requirement for their majors. While it is rare, PaCE students are eligible to apply to join the University Honors Program if they meet certain conditions. Refer to Graduating with Honors in the Undergraduate Catalog or the University Honors Program for more information.

Can I take courses elsewhere during the summer before I begin PaCE?

Yes, students are permitted to take courses at another institution during the summer prior to beginning in PaCE. Since you will not be considered a UF student at that time, no transient forms or formal permission are required. However, we strongly suggest you contact the appropriate academic advisor to discuss your plans and how the courses you intend to take will help you complete your program requirements. It is important that you earn a minimum college GPA of a 2.0 to remain eligible for PaCE.

Additionally, it is important to note that in order to be considered a freshman student, you may not take more than 11 college credits between graduating from high school and beginning your enrollment at UF.

Can PaCE students decide to complete their degree entirely in UF Online?

Yes. A student may choose any of the majors in UF Online, including non-PaCE majors, and complete the degree entirely online. While in UF Online, students will benefit from UF Online's lower tuition and fees.

Will I have academic advising while completing courses through UF Online?

Yes, you will receive advising from your college/major prior to registering for courses. Refer to the list of college advising contacts.

What is the timeframe for completing courses through UF Online?

  • Earn a total of 60 credits (up to 45 credits may come from previous college credits earned through AP, IB, Dual Enrollment or other accelerated methods)
  • Enroll in UF Online for at least two semesters and earn at least 15 credit hours.
  • Complete all prerequisite or tracking requirements with required grades for your selected major.


What services, programs, and activities can UF PaCE students access while completing online requirements?

PaCE students are not charged for fee-based services as part of their standard cost of attendance, as they pay the UF Online tuition rate. However, the Optional Fee Package through UF Online is available to PaCE students who wish to have access to all services, programs and activities on campus. If you have questions about the Optional Fee Package, contact our Dean of Students Office at or 352-392-8396.

Can PaCE students live on campus?

Due to space limitations, PaCE students cannot live on campus prior to transitioning to campus. PaCE students are not required to be in Gainesville until they transition to campus. Students who wish to move to Gainesville before transitioning to campus can find off-campus living accommodations. Refer to the PaCE Student Information page on the UF Housing & Residence Education website.

Most students with a major in the College of the Arts who accept the PaCE offer will be required to take their studio courses (music, dance, art, graphic design, etc.) on campus in Gainesville but still are not permitted to live on campus until they transition out of the PaCE program. For more information refer to the PaCE website.

Where can I find off-campus residence information for living in Gainesville?

Off Campus Life at UF is here to help students with their transition to Gainesville. Search for housing, learn about living off campus, or to set up an appointment with an Off Campus Life staff member.

Housing Locator

Will UF PaCE students be able to register with the Disability Resource Center and receive accommodations?

Yes. The Disability Resource Center strives to provide quality services to students with physical, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities, to educate them about their legal rights and responsibilities so that they can make informed decisions, and to foster a sense of empowerment so that they can engage in critical thinking and self-determination. Email the center or phone their staff at 352-392-8568 for additional information.

Can a PaCE student use the services at the Counseling and Wellness Center?

Many resources are available to PaCE students through the UF Counseling and Wellness Center's website. To gain full access to the Counseling and Wellness Center, PaCE students may purchase the Optional Fee Package through UF Online or pay an Off-Semester Access Charge.

Can PaCE students join marching band or music ensembles?

Yes, PaCE students who successfully pass an audition can participate in marching band or other music ensembles.

Can PaCE students use the on-campus recreation centers?

PaCE students who wish to access on-campus recreation centers and participate in intramural sports may purchase the UF Online Optional Fee Package or purchase a non-fee paying student membership (each semester).

Can UF PaCE students join student organizations and sports teams?

Yes, PaCE students may join student organizations as long as they meet the qualifications for the organizations per university regulations. PaCE students may join intramural and club sports teams but are not eligible to compete in varsity sports sponsored by the University Athletic Association until they transition to campus.

Can UF PaCE students join fraternities and sororities?

Social fraternities and sororities have chapters at the University of Florida, but are national organizations with many different eligibility policies of their own. We encourage our students to inquire about a chapter's membership requirements and its policies on remaining an active member.

May I purchase a meal plan while a PaCE student?

Yes, the same UF meal plans available to all students are available to PaCE students. Off-campus students may be particularly interested in the commuter meal plans.

May I purchase football and basketball tickets as a PaCE student?

PaCE students are eligible to purchase tickets for football and basketball in the student sections. Since PaCE students do not pay the athletic fee as part of their standard cost of attendance, they will pay a different amount for these tickets, and they may not be eligible for season football tickets. To receive student rates to athletic events, PaCE students may purchase the Optional Fee Package.


What is the cost of attendance while completing courses through UF Online? Will the costs increase once I begin campus enrollment?

Students in PaCE will pay the standard UF Online tuition and fees while enrolled in UF Online classes and the standard campus tuition and fees rates while enrolled in campus classes. While in UF Online, students can enroll in the Optional Fee Package if they wish to have full access to campus services.

What is the UF Online Optional Fee Package?

The Optional Fee Package is designed to give PaCE students who choose to reside in or frequently visit Gainesville access to all on-campus student services. The all-inclusive package consists of the following:

Activity & Services:

  • Participation in recreational sports, intramurals, and club sports
  • Use of the Southwest Recreation Center, Student Recreation & Fitness Center, Lake Wauburg, campus pools, playing courts and recreation fields. Some recreational programs have additional fees and/or participation is determined by formal tryouts.
  • Participation in Gator Nights, a late-night program offered on Fridays during the school year.

Health Services:

University Athletics:

  • Includes student ticket pricing and seating access to the student section for athletic events. This does not guarantee availability of tickets.
  • PaCE students may join intramural and club sports teams but are not eligible to compete in varsity sports sponsored by the University Athletic Association until they transition to campus.


  • Includes unlimited rides on the Regional Transit System (RTS). Riders will need to present the bus driver the appropriate Gator 1 Card at the time of service.

May I use Florida Pre-paid or Florida Bright Futures to pay for my UF Online tuition and fees?

Yes. Florida Pre-paid and Florida Bright Futures may be used to pay for your UF Online tuition and fees. Refer to Student Financial Aid and Scholarships for additional information about financing your UF education. For questions specific to Florida Pre-Paid, please contact the University Bursar.

Next Steps

How do I accept the offer to join UF PaCE?

Log on to your application status page to accept the PaCE admissions offer and pay the $200 non-refundable tuition deposit by May 3.

How do I enroll in UF Online?

Once you accept our offer to join UF through PaCE, you will complete an online orientation that should answer many of your questions. You must then attend a mandatory on-campus orientation. You will work directly with an academic advisor to register for classes and develop a long-term academic plan.

What term may I begin my UF Online courses?

You may begin your courses during the fall term.

Do I need to submit my final transcript?

Yes, you will need to submit all final high school and college transcripts by July 15.

If I decide not to accept the offer to UF PaCE by May 3, am I still guaranteed admission as an upper-division transfer student at a later date?

If you choose not to accept the UF PaCE offer, you are not guaranteed admission as a transfer student. You will need to submit a transfer application for admission consideration.

Will I attend orientation?

Yes, you will complete the online orientation and attend a mandatory student orientation called Preview prior to beginning your UF Online courses.